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Colombia Pictures


I put it in a power point format so you can kind of get the idea about where I was at.

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Los Spurs


Did you see these jerseys the San Antonio Spurs wore for “Latino Night”?  The next game Phoenix also wore “Los Suns” jerseys!  I thought it was pretty funny considering that is so spanglish!  But “Los Soles” sounds kind of funny.  I guess the correct phrase for the Spurs, technically, should have been “Las Espuelas”.  To me, the Tex-Mex flavor of Los Spurs would imply that Tex-Mex music would be played during the game.  Buuut nooooooo!  I  heard Mariachi Music!!!!  “Volver, Volver” (la raza really gets off to this one!), and “Guadalajara”.  Since I wasn’t at the game (I only saw pieces on the TV), I am curious if they played any Conjunto music – unfortunately I doubt it.  If I was the guy in charge I wonder what kind of reaction there would have been from the crowd if they would have heard this song at the AT&T Center…

Musica Colombiana


One of the interesting things that I found in Colombia was their taste in music.  Here is a link to one of the most popular singers that I heard while I was there.  I heard him on the streets, in restaurants, bars, car radios, tv, etc!  Enjoy this music!