Some thoughts

I am back. Vacation, holidays and stuff, know how it is.  Anyways, here are some thoughts that have coming into my head for awhile that I haven’t been able to comment on… I heard a “new” song on KEDA from the Desperadoz – actually it was a tribute to Los Dos Gilbertos, (Palabra de hombre, Vieja escalera, and a bit of Mala mujer)  I was wondering if KXTN plays this tribute – I am sure they would, since they are the Desperadoz, and not Los Dos Gilbertos.  They rarely play anything by Los Dos Gilbertos -if ever.  Now, I do not listen to KXTN since now they officially only play the same rolas from 20years ago.  “All Old Tejano, All the time!” I remember years ago they would play “Mis Canciones Favoritas” by Los Chamacos, I thought it was great that people could hear about some of our legends like Ruben Vela, Ruben Naranjo, and Tony de La Rosa.  However, now it bothers me that they never actually played Ruben Vela, Ruben Naranjo and Tony de La Rosa.  Why?  Probably because it is not considered “respectable” music, until Los Chamacos or Los Desperadoz, play it.  Don’t misunderstand, I really like the style of Los Chamacos (better with Juan P. Moreno) and Los Desperadoz.

Recently there was a contest for the best traditional Conjunto band.  Someone wrote a comment that bothered me… They said that the [winning band, which was not really very traditional in the first place] “brought conjunto to a respectable level”.  What the h***? RESPECTABLE? Why was it more respectable – because it was a bit more “Tejano” with sax and keyboards? And how can someone say that one band’s style is more respectable than others? Give me a break.  And then he said that this band was the only roots band on the list.  Who was on that list? Let’s see… Flaco Jimenez, Los Monarcas, Linda Escobar, Mingo Saldivar, Joel Guzman, Ruben Vela, Los Nobles, Los Conjunto Kings, yours trulies, etc, etc… Boy I got really mad then! That gentleman apparently did not know much about traditional Conjunto music. He needs some edjumacation, he is a fool and I spit in his general direction! And, and, and…thankfully I am over it. Thanks for reading.