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I am really having alot of fun with this podcast thing, I am glad that all 7 of you are enjoying my podcast (actually 6 not counting me).  It is a lot of work because I have to do it in my living room as I am able.  But it is fun nonetheless. You can download or suscribe through Yahoo and iTunes!  Click here for the new site where the Conjunto is Life podcasts will be published:

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Immigrants as Superhéroes

Photo project by Dulce Pinzón.
The Mexican immigrant worker in New York is a perfect example of the hero who has gone unnoticed. It is common for a Mexican worker in New York to work extraordinary hours in extreme conditions for very low wages which are saved at great cost and sacrifice and sent to families and communities in Mexico who rely on them to survive.

Be sure to read the captions under each picture

Powerful piece of art

I saw this at Gallista Gallery here in San Antonio, it is from an exhibit of the work of Fransisco Delgado called “Bordeño Chronicles”  The sign next to it said something like: “El gringito la amaba como una madre aunque los vecinos la odiaban” “The little gringo loved her like a mother even though the neighbors hated her.”   Think about it.

About the artist:  “Fronterizo” artist Francisco Delgado believes in making visible the struggles and celebrating the successes of immigrant communities in the United States. Delgado’s artwork reflects the culture on the United States-Mexico border, and through the use of satire and dark humor he is committed to speak against laws and policies that attack these underrepresented immigrant communities.