The Alameda

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Myspace Friends

We have a myspace site along with our website.   Myspace is pretty cool and easy to use, and you can reach out to alot of people. We have over 360 friends! That is not too bad considering Flaco has over 800 and Gary Hobbs has about 1450.  I mention Gary Hobbs, because he requested that we add him as a friend.  I was pretty shocked when Emilio made the request, but at least Emilio is pretty close to conjunto, at least in his heyday.  Mr. Hobbs and conjunto usually do not go together in my mind.  We will accept his request because we don’t want to be gacho with a guy who is pretty much a big time player in the Tejano music scene.  I personally don’t like his music, but my prima Marta is CRAZY about him.  I remember she use to pull out her 8 tracks or cassettes of a young Gary Hobbs and the Hot Sauce band, back in the day, you ‘member?  The only people I have declined to be Myspace friends have been gansta rappers and porn stars.  I sometime get those invitations, but I want to try to keep our site as “clean” as possible. If you know what I mean.  We even got requests from people in France!  I have no idea what they are saying, but I think it’s pretty neat that they want to add us.  Mariachi, German Polka bands, Norteño, Folk Singers, Rock bands, rich, poor, young, old, gringos, chicanos, Catholics, Protestants… these are all our friends.  And now Gary Hobbs.  What a wonderful world, huh?!