Favorite Conjunto Song…

Recently we had a practice to learn some new songs, el Profe showed us some songs that he thought we should learn.  Since we are in Rodeo week in San Antonio, and we were going to play at some “rodeo” events we decided to learn some variety.  I did not know how it would be accepted, but profe believes that Conjunto has always blended other styles.   Here is el Conjunto de Ernesto Barrett from the 50’s to show how conjunto has not just been rancheras, polkas, y corridos. 

Now, here is what I would say is my favorite all time conjunto song (it was one of the songs on the Profe’s list).  I first heard it about 15 years ago, performed by Ruben Vela together with Ruben Garza. When I first heard it I ran out to buy the cassette as soon as I could.  It is called Por Mi Pobreza.  Turn up the volume!!!

What’s your favorite Conjunto song?