Fidel Perez the 5th Padrino


I heard the other day that Fidel Perez recorded “Compadre Chon” by Luis Gonzalez.  Fidel Perez is a local legend from Natalia and is known as “el Rey de la Polka”.  The reason I bring this up is that we also recorded “Compadre Chon” on our first CD, “Fe, Familia y Tradición”.  We recorded it as part of a medley of songs dedicated to Luis Gonzalez and we entitled it “Andale mi Luis Gonzalez”(you can hear it by visiting our website  The interesting part about this is that Fidel used our version of the song for his recording!  Wow, pretty cool.  Now, the reason I know (I have yet to ask him about it) is because the melody that Fidel uses on the accordion is the one that I came up with.   No one else, that I know of, has recorded that song before us, and Luis Gonzalez’s version is different.  Pretty neat, huh? The other thing you will notice if you hear both versions is that the original has a verse that we took out, to make the song shorter. And guess what? Fidel did not include it in his version either!  That means that he heard our version, liked it, and ran with it!  I think it is pretty cool that Fidel Perez actually liked what we did enough to record it himself.  I think it is currently near the top 10 of the KEDA Top 25 list.   The curious thing is, however, that our version from 2005, never made it to the top 25.  But I guess in a way, it did now.  Thanks Fidel!

By the way the missing verse is:

El compadre se arranco, la comadre lo siguo, y al compas del acordeon una polka se avento…

¡ ajuuuuua !