Live on Radio


Well we did it, we actually played a live remote for KEDA radio here in San Antonio.  I felt kind of nervous, because the last few weeks the bands sounded terrible. I don’t mean they sang off key or played awful, it was the sound coming from the radio that was bad.  We agreed to do it as a favor for KEDA. About 15 year ago I did a live remote for KEDA with another band at a car dealership.  The outcome was excrutiatingly embarrassing!  I did not sing harmony at the time, but our guitar player would try. The only bad thing is he did not know the lyrics to most of the songs and spoke little Spanish, and his microphone was louder on the radio than our lead singer’s.   All you could hear was “u wee-cosito el selo, unto unitos lo do-oh” and most songs sung like that.  Our drummer at the time, would replay the tape of our performance whenever he felt depressed,  just so he would laugh his a** off! Needless to say, I was having flashbacks.  This time around no one was able to record it, we are not sure how good, or how bad, it sounded on the air.  Our fan club members who were present at the event thought we sounded great so that relieved some of my anxiety!  I will convince myself that we sounded as good on the radio as we did in person. Solo Dios ( and a thousand other people) sabe.  If you heard us, let us know, and please be gentle.


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

 Recently we played at a very nice place to a packed house, we were really feeling the vibe and having a great time, when suddenly (near the end of the night) a fight broke out.  That was a first for us as a band to witness.  In a previous band, I saw a fight break out ( it involved our guitar player, road manager, and a drunk cowboy).  This night it included: a new fan club member (we have since revoked his membership), a bartender, and a drunk cowboy.  It is a real shame and ruins the night for everybody.  Being full of drunken machismo (“Hey, why you lookin’ at my lady, you wanna piece a’ me?”), brings out the worst in people.  If you cannot control yourself go get some help, and stay away from our performances!  This is the dark side of the music, unfortunately, you take the good with the bad, but we hope and pray it doesn’t happen again!