The Roach Motel


Recently we played in Ft. Worth for a party.  We had a lot of fun and the crowd was great!  We left San Antonio around 10:30am and arrived around 2:30pm.  We set up our sound system and decided to check into a hotel room so we could freshen up and get ready for the gig later that night.  Well we did not reserve a room anywhere, so we just kind of drove around till we found something.  Well we did find something…  The Super Seven Inn.  I went in and found out from the manager that a room with two beds was $50. Wow! So I got two keys for two rooms.  as we unloaded we started noticing that that place was not that great, but hey who cares what it looked like on the outside!   From our second floor room we could see  the giant (no longer used) jacuzzi in the patio area, and what we saw was basically a giant toilet with trash and brown water.  Juan said, “man, this looks like a bad movie waiting to happen.”  Yeah, a horror movie.  We decided to get one room (we got a refund for the room that smelled the worst.)  But as I was returning the key, the guys were standing on the balcony to tell me “LET’S GET OUTTA HERE!”  Apparently the bathroom in the room was as bad as the jacuzzi outside, except that the roaches preferred the rooms.  Luckily I was deprived of the opportunity to see the situation myself and let the guys tell me all the gross details about the floor, the walls, the bathroom, etc.  Needless to say, we demanded our money back and went to go find a REAL motel.  As we drove around we went over a hill and… the clouds parted, …the angelic choir started singing …and we found …”The Bayside Inn”.  No’mbre shut up, it was like night and day!  Clean, clean, clean! (and a phone in the bathroom!)  We had reached paradise, our nightmare was over.  In our greed to save some money, we learned a big lesson.  Ray is still having nightmares about being thrown into that jacuzzi while a guy from India screams “50 doolars! 50 doolars!”