Lucha Libre

The other day my 5 year old asked me if he could watch WWE Monday Night Raw. He is a big time wrestling fanatic (especially of John Cena). It is funny because I don’t let him watch wrestling on TV, but it just took one night when we had friends over and their little boys brought a wrestling DVD…he was hooked after that. I remember in my house lucha libre was a family event – not that we wrestled each other, but that we would watch it on our black and white TV. Black Gorman, Mil Mascaras, Victor Rivera, Andre the Giant, and Chavo Guerrero were some of the names I remembered back then. In my jr. high and high school years, it was Bruiser Brody, Scott Casey, Gino Hernandez, Tully Blanchard all from Southwest Championship wrestling. Those were the days. Now I think wrestling has gotten too “adult” for kids to watch – or maybe I am taking my fatherly role too seriously, lol. So when he asked me, I kind of ignored the question and he soon forgot about it anyway. I prefer Youtube to see the greatest wrestlers of all time. Maybe for Halloween I will dress up like Mil Mascaras! The luchador gimmick has already be taken by the Conjunto “Los Enmascarados”, from San Antonio, they have been doing that for years. Yes, lucha libre is part of my culture!  Makes me feel like watching “Nacho Libre” again.  Anyways, here is a toast to a part of my up bringing: gathering around as a family, filled with warmth and love, as my mom screams: “¡Pégale Sonso!”


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  1. Let your kid watch the wrestling! It’s probably NOT going to scar him for life. Let him have the same memory you did.

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