Why you do dat?

Almost a year ago I found out that KEDA radio was working on a new website.  I was very excited to hear that! I visited it a few times www.kedaradio.com , I even put it on our “links” page for a while.  I noticed that for a few weeks it had the same “Under Construction” message for it pages. Well weeks turned into months – same message. Then in March, they posted the 40th Anniversary lineup. Alright! Now we’re talking!! Well, 4 months after the event it’s still posted on the home page! and the other pages are STILL under construction! Come on now, is KEDA going to put up a website or not?  Anxious web fans are waiting! Don’t be teasing us! I think KEDA radio on the web would be awesome for Conjunto music! Could you imagine emailing Güero Polkas?! Or listening to it at work through your computer?! We are waiting! Ponle gas, Dale shine! Conjunto fans are ready! Don’t disappoint us! in the meantime you can listen to “Puro Conjunto” Radio on the web. ¡Viva KEDA! y ¡Viva Conjunto!


Another Video

Here is another video, it’s really great! Conjunto Los Enanitos! Enjoy!


Many of you may not know this but my introduction to music in spanish was Mariachi music, I played in a mariachi infantil when I was around 9 or 10 years old (trivia: I know how to play the guitarron). Anyways, I love mariachi music, and many conjuntos record songs that were originally mariachi classics (by artists like Jose Alfredo Jimenez). However, Peter "el Profe" once asked me: how come when tourists or dignitaries come to San Antonio (or anywhere in Texas) they always have a mariachi group perform?  In reality, if they really wanted to showcase music from San Antonio or South Texas, they should hire a conjunto to perform, ¿que no?  And I agree with him! I think conjunto music is more of the culture of San Antonio.  Mariachi music recognizes our Mexican roots, Conjunto music recognizes our Tex-Mex roots!  Let us have conjuntos greet the President, or a head of a foreign country.  Thanks Profe!