No lechuga please

How come some Mexican restaurants always give you shredded lettuce and two slices of tomatoes with every meal?  That thought came to me when I ate at a Mexican restaurant and noticed they did not do that. I was very happy, because usually I do not even eat the lettuce, maybe the tomatoes, but not the lettuce. It seems like a waste of lechuga to me.  Maybe they want the dish to appear healthier than it really is: "but doctor I had a nice portion of fruits [tomato is a fruit isn't it?] and vegetables to go with my nice heaping pile of tripas or greasy pork chops rancheros!"

Just give me the main course please.

Just like our music, we don't do fancy moves, or long heavy-metal intros, or play a pre-recorded history of our group over the PA.  We just play conjunto music, plain and simple.  Our fans don't want lettuce and tomatoes, they want the carne asada! Viva conjunto! Just play the music, please!



What a shock! What a tragedy! Gloom, despair, and agony on me! My beloved Spurs were knocked out of the playoffs! I really do not like Mark Cuban, he said some nasty things about San Antonio, que tonto el buey! I feel bad for Michael Finley, man we should have beat those Mavs! What sets us apart is the professionalism, respect, and honor that our team shows all the time. Those are values that I want my kids to have, respeto y honor. Treat people right, don't be all conceited or arrogant. Respect your elders. Make life enjoyable! We had a chance to practice that when we played on stage without Juan (who was out of town) We did our best, played from our hearts and the people responded. Of course, it was not the same, but people respect that we tried and did not take ourselves too seriously (or at least most of us didn't!) Life is too short to live it without our Fe, Familia, y Tradicion! Viva los Spurs! y Viva Conjunto!

Chicano Art y Gallista Gallery

Joe L. Lopez's, Gallista Gallery has been a big help to Los Padrinos.  Joe designed our graphics for our cd, "Puro Gallo" and has also booked us there at his gallery to play with Sisters Morales and also Dueto Carta Blanca de George y Mague.  If you have been there leave a comment with your thoughts about the place and about "Raza" art!  Viva la musica y viva el arte de nuestro pueblo!

Gallista Gallery 1913 S. Flores, (210)212-8606,

Ambassadors of Conjunto

The other day I was at Janies Record shop and I purchased a cd of Manuel Guerrero "El Sargento" – he's probably my favorite conjunto artist of all time. Anyways, as I was listening to his songs, it just hit me how beautiful the traditional sound of conjunto music is, and how we need to keep taking it out to people.  One of our goals in the band is to be ambassadors of conjunto music, to take it all over the world! (or wherever we happen to be at the time).  One of the ways is through our website. We get to reach people all over the world at a click of a button.  If anyone has any thoughts, ideas, or contacts to help us spread conjunto music around, just let us know! Viva conjunto!

Tejano Explosion Pictures

Thanks to Sam and Rose Rodriguez for the pictures they took of the band during Fiesta. You can see their pictures by visiting 

(don't get scared).

What a trip!

We had a great weekend,even though one of our gigs got postponed due to the rain.  We traveled to Pocola Ok, to perform at a Choctaw casino for Cinco de Mayo.  We began the journey at 3:30am picking up 4 mariachi players that we took along with us.  It was a fun-filled 10 hour drive to the casino.  It was close to the Arkansas border, and we actually stayed in Ft. Smith Arkansas. They even called that area "Arklahoma".  There was alot of male bonding going on (or, as Ray would say "bondage") We learned alot about the mariachi world and we found the conversation very pleasant, we especially enjoyed listening to George Lopez on the way ("…why you crying?").  We were kind of pressed for time when we arrived, but everything worked out in the end.  We only performed two hours, but I think we got a great response.  There were a few mejicanos that were there and they thoroughly enjoyed the show.  We might be back to play for a Church festival there in Ft. Smith.  It was pretty cool that even the anglos that were there enjoyed the show – one elderly man even got up to dance!  We were able to watch the Spurs win the series against Sacramento, so we were really in a good mood! Go Spurs Go!  On the way down we heard that there had been a lot of rain in San Anto and in fact our evening gig was cancelled due to the threat of more rain.  This was a blessing because we were pretty exhausted from the trip.  Gracias a Dios llegamos bien y les esperamos para las proximas tocadas!! 

Fiesta 06 is over

We had a fun Fiesta San Antonio! Our first event was Piñatas del Barrio at the Plaza Guadalupe.  It was fun, especially since the Spurs won their first playoff game in a blowout! Everything was going fine until, the lights fell on top of our drummer Ray! Luckily he saw them as they were falling and was able to get out of the way. Gracias a Dios! (read more about it in the SA Current Magazine has put Los Padrinos on the map!! Thanks brother! Anyway, everything is fine no major brain damage (I think, it is kind of hard to tell with Ray~lol) Anyways, the next gig was at the Cattleman Square for Tejano Explosion. That was an interesting gig because we ended up using our own PA (actually we hired someone, since we don't have a big PA system) As I think about it, it was kind of funny. Here we are on a tiny stage with a small PA (Compared to what Michael Salgado was running) We were placed in front of the Salgado MAMMOTH stage where he had about a zillion watts of power from his dozens of speakers! no'mbre he even took two of our stage platforms to elevate his drummer. Who does he think he is Michael Salgado?? (oh yeah, never mind). Needless to say our band got to know each other really well that night, we were so close together! El Señor Salgado was doing a sound check all the way into our performance time, we were only able to say "mic check one, two… and then the DJ announced us. (At least let us get to "three!") The way I look at it, we got some great publicity on KXTN, KEDA, the internet, etc. Our fans had a great time and we even got some connections for other gigs. So even though we were the chihuahuas amid the BIG DOGs, we did not disappoint our conjunto fans. And that is what counts anyway.

On Saturday we played at the VFW 76 for River Fest.  We were the headliners! I want to apologize to the band before us, I thought they were called "Scavenger" so here I was thanking "Scavenger" for playing a great set, and it turns out they are called "Derringer"! So sorry I should have paid more attention! We had a great time. As I reflect on the performance I need to say that I was surprised that we were so well received.  The crowd was a diverse group, and I thought maybe many would be disappointed that "Scave- I mean "Derringer" was not closing the show.  We do not play rock and roll, or much country (only one song in English  called "I wouldn't change a thing", but people really responded to our traditional sound! Gracias a Dios, it taught me that as long as you enjoy playing the music and play it with all your heart and soul, people of all types will respond. Now some may have been disappointed that we did not play "Mustang Sally", or "Margaritaville", but that's ok because the majority did not seem to mind – we were all in party mood! Viva Fiesta!Viva Conjunto!

PS we will be in Pocola Oklahoma at the casino for Cinco de Mayo that should be an experience as well, will keep you posted!