We have been invited to play at Flaco Jimenez’s CD release party! We did’nt even know he had a new CD out! Anyways, we were really honored to be invited to perform, Flaco’s son called to say that his dad really liked our music. Many bands were calling him to try to play at the party, so it was really an honor to be personally invited to be there.  We would’ve been happy to be asked to be the clean up crew, but playing? N’ombre shut up!! His son said his dad especially liked the way we played Santiago Sr.’s music. A Flaco tambien le gusta las viejitas!

Check out Flaco live! Click here


La Pulguita

Someone from the Reyes Accordion forum, Raul Peña (from Houston Tx), created a power point of pictures from the Accordion Jams they have  had this year.  We are honored that he chose to use our polkita for the background music!

Check it out!