The Conjunto Network

I need to thank my compadre Jesús Ramirez for introducing me to  Since we launched the “Conjunto is Life” social network it has taken off!  Thanks to all the participants!  Also, I need to apologize to Javier Galvan of Fama.  I banned him from the network.  Actually there was some technical glitch that caused me to have to do that – Yes I know Fama is not normally associated with Conjunto, but I have to remind everyone (I give them props for this) in one of their early hits they used Eddie Lalo Torres on the squeezebox!  Eddie Lalo is an awesome accordion player from San Antonio his brother is El Pavo Grande from Los Pavo Reales (La Reina es el Rey, Me Dicen el Borrachito, etc).  That was probably the only time Eddie Lalo was heard on Tejano radio all thanks to Javier Galvan y Grupo Fama.  Maybe Javier can put it on his player so we can all remember.  Thanks y Viva Conjunto!


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