Genaro Aguilar, Conjunto is Life series

Here are some pictures from the Conjunto is Life series on August 28th.  It was a lot of fun, hope more of you can join us for the next one!  More info coming…


2 Responses

  1. Re: Genaro Aguilar – Fe, Familia y Tradicion.

    Martin, Congratulations to you, to your staff
    and all that have made this series a reality.

    You are to be highly commended in starting a new tradition. A much needed forum archiving forgotten artists, unsung heroes and important personalities of this elusive music genre’ we call “Tejano conjunto music.”

    The presentation with Genaro Aguilar which I attended was just great. He did an excellent job in talking about his Christian faith, in describing his family’s role and support, and in their place in history of conjunto music (2008 Inductees in the GCAC’s Conjunto Tejano Music Hall of Fame) and the tradition in music being carried on by the sons and nephews of the Los Aguilares musical dynasty.

    I enjoyed it tremendously and by the look and reaction of the audience, so did they. They were elated! And, there is no question that future generations watching this recorded event and other presentations to follow, will appreciate them as well.

    Nuevamente, Martin, estas haciendo una obra de gran importancia en traer esta historia antes olvidada, a la conciencia del pueblo y todos aquellos que aman esta musica.

    I am very much looking forward to your next scheduled presentation with Albert Davila on his talk about his dad Manuel Davila, founder of radio station KEDA, whom I personally knew. And, who gave us our first break in radio in 1956, when Jesse Borrego, Roger Villanueva and I started the conjunto, Los Desconocidos.

    Keep up the good work in bringing persons that can enlighten and inspire us with stories and personal experiences of how their Christian Faith and family has helped them through hard times, tell of their contibution to conjunto music and what they do to keep the tradition of conjunto music alive and moving upward.

    – Rahmero “Ray” Torres

  2. hi pardrino,

    es connie, its been very long time since we’ve seen or talk to each other. i’ve been thinkiing about you all alot. my husband loves your music. is there a contact number where i can call you.

    your god daugther Connie Alvarez U.

    yvonne hernandez sister.

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