Chinese Food

Here is one of my first blogs that I posted two years ago…enjoy!

Today I went to a Chinese restaurant to eat lunch. As I was paying for my meal I noticed a picture of all these chinitos gathered around for their group photo. The group was the Chinese American Cuisine Association or CACA for short. I kind of giggled but I didn’t have the heart to tell the lady at the register what was so funny. She was probably a very proud member of CACA, maybe even the founder! Los pobres don’t realize what that means in spanish – which is why it was pretty hilarious. So those of you in Chicago please do not start the Chicago Area Conjunto Association.  Imagine in Honduras a group called Sindicato Hondureño de Ingenieros Telefonicos (SHIT). Sure we can laugh, but they would be clueless as to why all these americanos are always so happy around them. Oh and another thing, I am glad we say puro conjunto, conjunto puro; and not something else like Pura Onda, Onda Pura – that stinks!


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