Fiesta San Antonio 2008

Here is the official poster:fiestaposter08.jpg

Mariachis again? I think it is ironic, however, that Fiesta is so strongly Mexican, cuando fueron los gringos en San Antonio that decided to commemorate the defeat of the Mexicans at the Battle of San Jacinto (let’s not forget that “Mexicans” also fought for Texas liberty). Yes Fiesta began as a gringo victory but has since been taken over by La Raza – except for many of the Queens and of course the Texas Cavaliers, who crown their King Antonio (always a gringo). This is why LULAC started the Rey Feo -to counter the Cavaliers. Funny though, our current Rey Feo is a guy named Brian Weiner! Well at least we know we don’t

Update: I just learned that a new Rey Feo has been selected for 2008 his name is Fernando Reyes. ¡Felicidades! and  ¡Viva Fiesta!


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  1. Thanks for your entry. I have one correction–the 2008 Rey Feo is Fernando Reyes.

    We at the Fiesta San Antonio Commission think it’s great that what started out as a very gringo festival has grown into a real multicultural event. In addition to Hispanic and Anglo activities, you can find Fiesta events that celebrate New Orleans, African Americans, Native Americans, Germans and many of the other ethnic groups that make up San Antonio.

    And remember that every official Fiesta event is produced by a local nonprofit organization or military group. Fiesta never ends because those organizations are helping their neighbors all year long.

  2. Thanks for your comments, I did not realize that other people take the time to read my blog!

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