¡Go Espurs Go!


Here is a nice blog on why we should love our Spurs! Top Ten Reasons:

Point guard Tony Parker regularly attends the Alma awards.

Point guard Tony Parker is also known as Mr. Eva Longoria.

Taco Cabana banners hang on the same rafters as the 1999, 2003, 2005, and 2007 Championship banners.

Forward Bruce Bowen is married to a Cubana and speaks fluent Spanish.

Once, on a live post game TV interview, Bowen called Celtics guard Ray Allen güey and the censors had no idea what he was talking about.

Guard Manu Ginobli and center Fabrico Oberto are from Argentina.

You will never see so many Raza faces at a major sporting event in the United States this side of a Chivas USA soccer game.

Tim Duncan, arguably the best player in basketball the past decade, is neither power forward nor center. Ni de aqui ni de alla. In between. The embodiment of the Chicano experience.

The Spurs fans sing Volver during the time outs.

And, most importantly, the NBA title now rests safely back in Aztlan.


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