The Alameda

 What do you remember about the Alameda? Did you watch a movie, or a performance of some kind?  Please share your comments by clicking on the “Comments” button above.  Thanks, Martin


4 Responses

  1. Martin, as per your request.

    I remember coming from Uvalde to San Antonio with my Mother and a comadre of hers. Which comadre that was? I have no idea all I know is that that comadre had to drive us here, as my Mother did not know how to drive and we didn’t have a car.

    We attended a concert by Antonio Aguilar. I was a child. I don’t remember the year or my age, but I do remember sitting in the audience, fascinated by the huge Theatre. I was even more enthralled with Antonio and his family singing. What really put the show over the top was when Antonio Aguilar sang from Horseback, on the stage inside the Theatre. Nombre Shut up! ” I got a pain in my ches and I culdn’t breef.” He threw himself. Se avento. A horse on the stage and he got the horse to kneel. For a little kid from Uvalde in the big city in a beautiful theatre; and with a real horse on stage. It was a great performance.

    That is one of my memories of the Alameda. Antonio Aguilar, Flor Silvestre, his kids and one beautiful horse on stage.

    Martin, I hope you enjoyed my little memory of el Alameda. Joe

  2. Hey bro,
    What I remember were the hot dogs. They were soooo good!! As soon as you walked in you could smell them. I also remember when the Mariachi Vargas came, remember? They had a concert there. I also remember playing when we were in the Mariachi Infantil when Cantinflas had his new movie out, El Patrullero 777. It was exciting just being there and going behind the big screen. I also remember the movies, actually I don’t remember going to the english movie theater as a kid, only the Alameda. I also liked the lights when they dimmed.I thought it was so pretty. Well I could go on and on….Lourdes

  3. Wow Joe I never knew they actually had Antonio there with his horse!

  4. Hola Primo Martin:
    I will alway remember the Alameda for all the “India Maria” movies we would go watch. I still enjoy watching her movies on TV. I remember that the women’s bathroom was downstairs(was Men’s downstairs also?) I used to tell my mother that I needed to go to the bathroom but, I just wanted to go down the stairs. I remember it was so dark in the theater that your only path to the stairs was to look down at the turquoise paisley designed glow in the dark colored carpet. The women’s bathroom was so beautiful . I remember it had lots of mirrors and stools. When I would get back upstairs it was so dark that I couldn’t find or remember where my family was sitting. Those were the good old days!

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