No lechuga please

How come some Mexican restaurants always give you shredded lettuce and two slices of tomatoes with every meal?  That thought came to me when I ate at a Mexican restaurant and noticed they did not do that. I was very happy, because usually I do not even eat the lettuce, maybe the tomatoes, but not the lettuce. It seems like a waste of lechuga to me.  Maybe they want the dish to appear healthier than it really is: "but doctor I had a nice portion of fruits [tomato is a fruit isn't it?] and vegetables to go with my nice heaping pile of tripas or greasy pork chops rancheros!"

Just give me the main course please.

Just like our music, we don't do fancy moves, or long heavy-metal intros, or play a pre-recorded history of our group over the PA.  We just play conjunto music, plain and simple.  Our fans don't want lettuce and tomatoes, they want the carne asada! Viva conjunto! Just play the music, please!


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