Chicano Art y Gallista Gallery

Joe L. Lopez's, Gallista Gallery has been a big help to Los Padrinos.  Joe designed our graphics for our cd, "Puro Gallo" and has also booked us there at his gallery to play with Sisters Morales and also Dueto Carta Blanca de George y Mague.  If you have been there leave a comment with your thoughts about the place and about "Raza" art!  Viva la musica y viva el arte de nuestro pueblo!

Gallista Gallery 1913 S. Flores, (210)212-8606,


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  1. I heard Joe Lopez on KEDA Radio Jalapeno, and I decided to take him up on his invite to his studio. While there I couldn't help but to buy a couple of t-shirts. One for my wife and one for me. Great artwork on the t-shirts. I also got a print of Taquachito nights. I really love the cd and I decided to get the print.

    While waiting to check out I spotted a cd de Los Padrinos and I bought the "Puro Gallo" cd. Awesome trip got beautiful sights and sounds all at one locale. Look forward to seeing more. Next time My wife and I will go together so she can enjoy the shop as much as I did. Que viva conjunto y el arte tejano del barrio.

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