What a trip!

We had a great weekend,even though one of our gigs got postponed due to the rain.  We traveled to Pocola Ok, to perform at a Choctaw casino for Cinco de Mayo.  We began the journey at 3:30am picking up 4 mariachi players that we took along with us.  It was a fun-filled 10 hour drive to the casino.  It was close to the Arkansas border, and we actually stayed in Ft. Smith Arkansas. They even called that area "Arklahoma".  There was alot of male bonding going on (or, as Ray would say "bondage") We learned alot about the mariachi world and we found the conversation very pleasant, we especially enjoyed listening to George Lopez on the way ("…why you crying?").  We were kind of pressed for time when we arrived, but everything worked out in the end.  We only performed two hours, but I think we got a great response.  There were a few mejicanos that were there and they thoroughly enjoyed the show.  We might be back to play for a Church festival there in Ft. Smith.  It was pretty cool that even the anglos that were there enjoyed the show – one elderly man even got up to dance!  We were able to watch the Spurs win the series against Sacramento, so we were really in a good mood! Go Spurs Go!  On the way down we heard that there had been a lot of rain in San Anto and in fact our evening gig was cancelled due to the threat of more rain.  This was a blessing because we were pretty exhausted from the trip.  Gracias a Dios llegamos bien y les esperamos para las proximas tocadas!! 


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