First of all, thanks to everyone who has been purchasing our latest cd, "Puro Gallo" especially to the artist Joe L. Lopez from Gallista Gallery  for all his creativity and hard work.  About two weeks ago we had a big problemo…we ran out of EVERYTHING! (Except business cards!).  We were all anxious about it, especially our Vice-President of Publicity and Marketing Virginia and her husband Peter(the Vice-Vice President). Our President of Marketing, Pauline Martinez [Martin's mom] was not too worried, she was happy that she didn't have to carry so much stuff.  Our fan club president, Mr. Santillan, (as well as Peter and Virgina, and Ray's wife, Helen) chipped in to help. Needless to say, we have ordered cds of Puro Gallo and Fe, Familia, y Tradicion! We will print up new black and white promos, and order more t-shirts. Thanks for everyone's patience and if you order on line and they tell you they are sold out do not worry, their shipment is coming!


One Response

  1. I didn’t get a shirt! WAWAWA

    I still love you guys.

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